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Top Tips on Getting Great Theatre Tickets

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

A lot of people are put off seeing theatre in London because they assume it'll be too expensive. Top-price tickets can range up to £100s! However, there are often ways of nabbing a top bargain if you know the right places to look...

Here are a few handy insider tips for getting great seats at low prices.

[Don't forget: If you book a tour with us, we should be able to arrange theatre tickets for you - at the best price we can find!]

Day Seats

The most valuable secret for securing great seats in the West End!

A lot of theatres sell a batch of tickets on the morning of the show - usually when the Box Office opens at 10am. Often it's the front-row for as little as £15 or £20. In the past, I've secured front-row seats to see big stars including Cate Blanchett, Bryan Cranston & Sir Ian McKellen - without ever having to fork out more than £20 on a ticket. However, if it's a top-selling show or a big-name star, you'll probably have to get up early. A few recent West End hits have even seen theatregoers queueing overnight! But you'll most often be safe arriving an hour or two before.

Pros: Great seats at low prices. Often the only way to see sold-out shows!

Cons: Only sold in-person on the day, and usually restricted to 2 tickets per customer. Also, not all theatres sell day seat tickets so it's always essential you enquire at the box office before.


Download the TodayTix app on your phone or laptop to browse great discounts across the West End. As well as general discounts, tickets for a few top West End shows are sold at bargain prices as Rush Tickets at 10am on the morning of the show. However, these can sell out extremely fast so you've got to be quick!

Pros: Good value & booking all happens online.

Cons: Restricted to 2 tickets per booking. Top tickets sell out fast!

Leicester Square Tkt Booth

This ticket booth, found in the middle of Leicester Square, offers reduced rates on big shows. If you have an evening free, and are open to ideas, head to the booth - you might just find a great bargain.

Pros: Ideal if you're flexible on what you want to see.

Cons: No guarantee on ticket availability, and the reductions are often minimal.

Box Office

When all else fails, I'd always recommend heading to the box office. Independent ticket outlets should ideally be avoided - the prices are often greatly inflated and problems can sometimes occur due to duplicated tickets. If you're lucky enough to be a student, over-60 or a member of Equity, you might be eligible for a concessionary discount. Also - any unsold ticket is a wasted seat so you might land a sneaky bargain if there are still unsold tickets or returns available not long before curtain-up!

We hope the above tips were useful - if you would like any more information or want our assistance booking tickets for you, please contact us!

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